The Power Of Small Consistent Steps

Reiki is a versatile spiritual practice. You can use it in various situations, from simple techniques to complex applications.

It can help you transmute negative energies into positive ones while supporting the healing of your emotional and mental bodies.

Regardless of the difficulty level, results take time and discipline. Some practitioners advance faster, while others need more time to adapt and understand what they are healing. But it makes no difference because Reiki is a marathon, not a sprint.

Through this long journey, one can discover their potential and use them to grow as an individual. It’s due to the misunderstanding of this “long” process that some lose faith in their abilities and even give up.

While, in general, the lack of results comes from inconsistency, sometimes this happens due to faulty guidance.

I believe there’s no need to present Reiki in complicated ways. There’s a time and a place to get into advanced matters, but it’s a thin line between the desire to progress and giving up.

Reiki is intuitive, and at its core, it has 3 essential elements:

  • Intention;
  • Visualization;
  • Practice;

Still, working with all 3 at once can be challenging. Knowing this, practitioners can navigate the confusion and focus more on what provides satisfaction. It’s the best way to build self-trust, master the basics, and slowly advance to handling more of what Reiki has to offer.

The Fast Self-Treatment

A great technique to address this exact issue. When you don’t have too much time on your hands or are overwhelmed with life in general, it’s better to find a bit of time for yourself regularly than none at all.

Reiki won’t work if you don’t use it…

But it will give you something in return for any amount of effort you provide.

The fast self-treatment doesn’t replace the full version by any means. It’s here to complement and support your healing process in times of need. Even if it’s quite efficient, it doesn’t cover all the necessary steps of a complete healing session.

How To Practice The Fast Self-Treatment

For this exercise, you can place your hands in front and/or on the back projections of your chakras.

This works either way because your activated hands have no polarity.

  • Reserve 15-20 minutes for yourself and relax while standing or sitting. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind;
  • Activate your hands by either rubbing them against each other or by using the Reiki symbols. If you are using the symbols, activate them on the primary charkas as well;
  • The first position: place one hand on top of the crown chakra and the other at the root chakra level;
  • The second position: one hand goes on the 3rd eye chakra and one on the sacral chakra;
  • The third position: one hand on the throat area and another on the solar plexus chakra;
  • The final position is placing both hands on your heart chakra. You can keep both hands on the front side of this area or one hand on the front and the other on its back projection;
  • Stay in each hand position for at least 3 minutes;

​The Benefits Of A Fast Self-Treatment

  • You get to cleanse the primary energetic centers;
  • It helps you regain the inner balance in a short amount of time;
  • You cleanse and energize enough to get you through the day without feeling too relaxed or sleepy;
  • Because of a slightly different placement of your hands, you stimulate the energy flow of the two main meridians: Ren Mai and Du Mai. This will offer a higher sense of awareness and well-being;
  • The fast self-treatment finishes in the heart area. Because of this, the energetic field of your heart chakra will extend. It’s a way to fill yourself with joy and compassion;

The fast Reiki self-treatment takes about 15-20 minutes, so there’s a higher chance of finding time to do it throughout the day.

And remember…

This method does not replace the full Reiki self-treatment. It only allows you to bring Reiki into your life whenever you can.

Even if it looks simple, it’s a powerful strategy, but like all good things, it takes time and dedication. The complete Reiki self-treatment will always be the catalyst for mental and emotional healing as well as the main factor for energetic recalibration.