Connecting To Unconventional Reiki Symbols

Can I use Reiki symbols to which I have not been attuned?

Is it possible to incorporate their energy into my self-treatment?

These are common questions many practitioners ask when they discover a new symbol.

It looks exciting.

It even matches your specific needs.

But considering that it hasn’t been part of the standard teachings – Are you “allowed” to use it?

The best place to start is to understand why certain symbols are not included in the attunement.

• Most of the time is a lack of awareness rather than some mystical reason. Likely, the Reiki Master was not exposed to the symbol during their training or practice.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are teachers who believe that we should completely ignore any symbol that’s not part of traditional learning. Therefore, they either don’t mention or actively dissuade their students from using them.

Yet, the truth is that we’re all connected and share the same energy.

As long as you have a pure intention and focus on healing, you may use any symbol that makes sense to you. But it also works the other way around. If any traditional symbol seems like it doesn’t blend with your style, never force it into your practice.

Isolating knowledge for no good reason can lead to missing potentially great insights for your personal development and the people you intend to help.

Shika Sei Ki and Shika So are good examples.

Both belong to the second level of Usui Reiki but are not part of the attunements most students receive.

Even so, you can still connect to their energy and vibration within your Reiki practice.

Here’s why:

Through the  Reiki level 2  attunement, you access the information that belongs to a certain dimension. In other words, you’re able to work with anything this layer offers, including the symbols that were not included in the initial phase.

3 Methods Of Connecting To Unconventional Reiki Symbols

1 – Because you already have access to the level 2 vibration, you may simply incorporate the symbols you want into the self-treatment. Activate them in your palms and focus on their energy as you normally would. It might take more to benefit from their full potential, but their influence will grow with every use.

2 – Consider a self-guided meditation. Close your eyes, relax, and visualize the symbol you want to connect to. Allow its shape to become more apparent, and as it gradually grows brighter, try to embrace and understand its value. This will help make you more aware of its potential and embed its properties into your energy fields.

3 – Draw the symbol each day on your crown chakra, allow it to enter your body, and integrate it within your energetic structures. You may also visualize each symbol in front of you to absorb its energy within your fields and chakras .

These are the methods I know of but feel free to experiment and explore whatever feels right for you. Reiki is flexible, and there are many paths to reaching the same goal.


Even if some Reiki symbols were not incorporated within the initial attunement, you can always tune in and consciously blend with their energy.

There’s always the possibility to receive certain symbols from higher spiritual beings such as  Reiki guides . This often happens if you’re dedicated to the practice and, at one point, you are entitled to take in more information to progress within your  spiritual journey .

The Alpha state of mind, profound meditations, and even sleeping are some of the moments when you become more receptive to messages from other realms. These represent ideal contact points because the brain opens up to receiving spiritual-related information.