My Experiment With Reiki Before Bedtime

Ever woken up from a deep sleep, recalling only blurry images of the dream you just had?

You know the juicy details are somehow buried inside your mind, but bringing them to the surface seems impossible.

Throughout the day, bits and pieces might return, yet they soon slip away like they were never there.

The next night… you find yourself in the same dream.

Surprisingly, this time around, it seems familiar. It may even feel like a return to the previous episode.

And then, right in the middle of it, you realize you’re dreaming.

Sounds like the movie “Inception,” right?

But I can assure you these are real-life experiences that many encounter throughout their lifetimes.

Where Do Dreams Come From

Science has yet to tell us where dreams originate from.

However, theories exist about these mysterious yet common experiences we all have. Some of them suggest that dreams are residual thoughts floating in the subconscious mind that we can only access during deep relaxation.

At the other end of the spectrum, spiritual practitioners say that dreams go beyond mere thoughts; they are journeys through different dimensions, and some can even represent premonitions.

Let’s see what a dream is before addressing the previous matter.

The generally accepted truth is that dreams are unconscious states of profound relaxation when individuals meet their subconscious. This often happens involuntarily due to our inner self’s ability to decide how far we can travel.

Now let’s get back to science and… “pseudoscience,” as many like to call it.

Residual thoughts: Some dreams are indeed tied to our residual thoughts. Low-vibrational emotions like stress, anxiety, and frustration can significantly contribute to the creation of various scenarios within our subconscious, resulting in unpleasant dreams that can sometimes turn into nightmares.

Premonitions: These dreams often occur as consecutive daily visions, providing glimpses of what might transpire in your life or in the lives of acquaintances, family members, or friends.

Astral Travels: Within this category, our inner self can access different dimensions where we may encounter otherworldly beings or human spirits. Such dreams can bring messages and even offer initiations for various spiritual practices. It’s typically during these moments that you become aware of what you are dreaming. Astral travels can also occur during meditation or therapy sessions.

Even though agreeing upon what dreams are remains a two-way street, one thing is certain: both scientists and spiritual practitioners accept that dreams come in various forms, each offering different facets of reality.

My Experiment

I practiced Reiki self-treatment just before bedtime for several consecutive days.

Subsequently, I had a series of nights without Reiki.

My goal was to observe the quality of my sleep and the types of dreams I might have.

Following the Reiki self-treatment, I experienced better, dreamless, and more relaxed sleep.

However, on some nights, I struggled because of the excessive energy flow that stimulated both my light and shadow sides. It took me some time to realize that I was releasing anxiety, frustration, and stress at a subconscious level.

When I skipped self-treatment, my sleep quality varied. Sometimes, I had disturbing dreams, while other nights went by smoothly.

In conclusion, it’s very difficult to define dreams or anticipate their nature with certainty, regardless of your approach.

Still, I believe dreams to be a time when we liberate our conscious and subconscious minds from unfulfilled desires, stressful situations, or even low-vibrational energies.

I think we can all agree that this is an automatic form of therapy.

Where Does Reiki Come In

There isn’t a specific time of day when it’s best to practice the Reiki self-treatment.

Still, consistency is key when it comes to good results.

Time and practice is the secret to achieving optimum balance at all levels.

This will reflect in both your daily activities as well as in the quality of your sleep, the latter being crucial for your overall state throughout the day. Therefore, a holistic approach will compound and influence your behavior and health.

That’s why I consider the basic Reiki self-treatment to bring lasting benefits while making you more resilient to unwanted influences.