The Energetic Implications Of Intimate Connections

People sometimes find themselves engaging in sexual encounters with different partners.

This may be like a fun activity for a while.

Some call it a lifestyle.

Even if they find it hard to admit it, others feel guilty, empty, and constantly chase happiness.

It’s easy to see these people as having poor judgment or being easily guided by their primal instincts.

You might be one of them, and that’s a challenging situation to juggle with.

Still, it’s only normal to have this view, considering the socially accepted behavior we’re all used to.

But have you ever wondered if this is more than a mere physical drive?

In the previous email, we discussed sexual energy as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Considering the overwhelming number of emails I received last week, I decided to build upon that idea and close the circle.

Therefore, today, let’s explore the energetic implications of engaging with different partners and how this aligns with spiritual growth.

To do that, let’s first cover two key elements that every spiritual practitioner should be aware of:

  • Sexual energy exists within every living being because it belongs to the universal life force energy web. Expressing it is part of life, and it doesn’t make it a “sin.” However, how we choose to manifest it is a totally different aspect;
  • Externalizing sexual energy contributes to our overall vibration, perception of life, and channeling of divine consciousness;

Defining Your Personal Mission Instead Of Chasing Physical Desires

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s good to know that there are times when we must pass through less-than-ordinary experiences to reach a certain point of awareness. This mostly happens to those who desire to grow from a spiritual standpoint.

Each life path is unique, and it’s easy to criticize or judge when these paths differ from one person to another.

Again, this includes yourself.

Sexually engaging with different partners with little emotional investment can go both ways.

Seeking only physical rewards differs significantly from knowing that more profound lessons can emerge.

Aside from that, consent matters.

For example, suppose your intention is to take advantage of others. In that case, this means involving a degree of emotional manipulation and mental intrusion, which has consequences both spiritually and physically.

However, if your approach is straightforward, honest, and doesn’t contain hidden desires, then it’s a simple mutual agreement between adults.

Energetic Implications

Constantly engaging in sexual activity with different partners can continuously alter your vibrational state while also causing a depletion of vital energy.

Still, you can choose a balanced approach.

To do so, you can condition the sexual engagement to be an act of spiritual harmony for:

  • Discharging residual energies;
  • Gaining spiritual lessons;
  • Recalibrating the mental and emotional structures;

We’re All Different

Any physical interaction implies energetic and emotional connections. While some may be fleeing sensations, others can stuck with you for a while.

That’s because, during the sexual act, a mix of vibrations is generated by the three primary levels of consciousness. These levels also dictate the overall vibrational quality of a person.

The more you stimulate these metaphysical “floors,” the more beneficial a person’s vibration is and, therefore, the more abundant the universal life force energy flow becomes.

  1. The first floor is represented by the inner self-level, which contains the kundalini energy, the shadow side, and the masculine and feminine principles. If you have only this element activated, you emanate pure sexual energy. This means you become a magnate, grabbing other people’s attention without them even realizing it;
  2. The second is the soul. This includes the divine spark and all the positive programs you receive at birth. Having only this part activated allows you to emanate warmth, charisma, and love. Having both the inner-self level and the soul centers activated adds a strong layer of sensuality, propelling either the feminine or masculine aspects within your aura;
  3. The third level is the connection with the divine consciousness. Having only this level activated can make you feel ungrounded, always seeking a spiritual experience, which makes you considerably selective of the people around you. On the other hand, when you have all three centers activated, you become an open channel of sensuality. You begin to radiate both sexual energy and divine presence harmoniously;

That being said, the energetic and emotional outcome of a sexual interaction greatly depends on the quality of the overall vibration generated by both partners.

Someone who has all three levels cleansed and activated feels the other partner’s needs and desires within sexual interaction. They have a higher perception of the elements involved within this contact as well as feeling uplifted in the end.

How Does Reiki Fit In All This

  • Reiki helps you cleanse and activate the structures mentioned above;
  • It enables you to recognize your inner self’s flaws and qualities;
  • It also helps cleanse the soul while establishing a solid bond with the source of universal life force energy;

This means that Reiki has the potential to change your vibration and resonance, which, in turn, will help you attract people and situations similar to this resonance.

Sometimes, our life’s journey takes us through different experiences so we can live distinct outcomes. This way, we may become more aware of and better integrate the valuable lessons that come our way for spiritual and personal growth.

Perceiving Diverse Sexual Interactions As An Emotional And Spiritual Tool

I know it may sound strange…

And you may even disagree…

But it’s a reality many people face and even more think about.

Therefore, I believe that when we better understand these powerful feelings, we can judge less and learn more about the person behind the physical body.

This includes ourselves…

Spiritual awareness, consent, and honesty are what make a sexual interaction more than a sensual experience.

This realization can act as the foundation for our moral values regarding the presented subject.

Whether your engagements lead to disappointment or enlightenment, remember that the people you meet come from what you manifest within your most profound levels.

Instead of pointing fingers, be joyful about your experiences because nothing happens by chance. You attract what’s best for you at any given moment. That’s why it’s healthy to enjoy each day and find value in every lesson, even if it unfolds differently than expected.

Integrating your sexual energy is a critical step in transcending your limitations toward spiritual growth and self-realization.

Be mindful of this powerful source and embrace it with joy, enthusiasm, and responsibility.