Transforming Sexual Energy Into Mindful Awareness

One of Reiki’s most valuable attributes is versatility.

From hands-on techniques to harnessing spheres of pure energy, Reiki offers an array of cleansing, healing, and protection options.

Throughout the years, I reached this conclusion many times, and, looking back, I’m happy that I was open to various opinions and approaches.

This took me on a journey that was sometimes redundant while other times full of excitement.

Still, the valuable nuggets never seemed scarce, and I always trusted that they would surface when I was ready.

Despite this abundance, several subjects were often covered superficially or with restraint.

Therefore, trying to better understand such topics and see how addressing them would benefit my everyday life became kind of a goal for me.

One of them is… sexual energy.

Many struggle to make sense of this concept and even avoid it.

Yet, sexual energy is something we all have to embrace and nurture for its multitude of benefits.

But we cannot do that without getting to know this idea deeper and learning about its functions and nature.

So, let’s start this discussion by listing what I believe to be the 3 elements that make up the concept of sexual energy.

#1 Sexual Energy As A Spiritual Token

Sexual energy is abundant in the universe. It’s one of many manifestations of the ​universal life force energy​, posessing specific dynamics that enables both creation and decomposition of life.

Sexual energy isn’t inherently high vibration. Instead, it’s a more neutral form you can direct and transform into lower or higher energy.

Becoming aware of its existence is the first step in allowing yourself to tap into its potential to facilitate the exploration of previously unknown levels of consciousness. This can lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Practices like Qi Gong, Tantra, or Meditation help sublimate sexual energy into forms meant to expand ​spiritual awareness and enhance connections​ with higher vibrational realms.

However, learning to sublimate sexual energy isn’t overly challenging. The difficulty lies in maintaining that state as it’s continuously generated within the structure of the inner self.

#2 Sexual Energy & Physical Interaction

Sexual interaction creates an energetic connection capable of ​fostering emotional bonds​. During this exchange, partners share both low and high vibrational energies. This act symbolizes transcending ego, allowing partners to become receptive vessels of the universal life force energy flow.

Of course, the outcome of a sexual interaction’s impact depends on the partners’ vibrational levels and the quality of the emotional and physical exchange.

NOTE: Expecting a primal interaction to elevate consciousness is unrealistic. To benefit, one must sense the partner’s energy and approach the act from a spiritual perspective. Although I wouldn’t recommend this as a regular practice, it can help initiate a sudden release of negative energy.

#3 Integrating Sexual Energy

Sexual energy mirrors spiritual love and serves as an expression of our inner selves.

How we engage sexually often reflects our personality traits and emotions.

Yet, sexual energy isn’t solely emotional.

It balances the flow of vital and universal energy in the human body.

Tapping into this energy through practices like Reiki is often a gentle way to explore the deeper aspects of oneself. Guilt, shame, or frustration can transform into self-compassion, understanding, and love.

When overwhelmed by sexual energy, the Reiki self-treatment can help cleanse low-vibrational elements, transforming pressure into a pleasant flow of vital energy along your spine.


Our exploration of sexual energy through the lens of Reiki reveals its multifaceted nature.

It’s a journey where we acknowledge its presence as a spiritual token, recognize its impact on physical interactions, and understand the necessity of integrating it harmoniously into our lives.

Sexual energy, while abundant and neutral, requires mindful direction to foster higher consciousness and deeper self-awareness.

Yet, always keep in mind the importance of honesty, respect, and ethical conduct because frustration and confusion can often stem from misaligned intentions.

It’s good practice to approach your sexual energy with a blend of curiosity and a deep sense of responsibility, but let the Reiki principles guide you toward the best outcome.