How To Discover Yourself Through Your Personality Archetype

From relaxing your mind, body, and soul to tapping into higher levels of consciousness, Reiki takes you on a journey with multiple stages of healing and awareness.

If I were to symbolically describe this journey of self-discovery, it would be a pilgrimage:

Imagine we’re all climbing a mountain at the same time.

There are multiple checkpoints, and each one of us might take various routes, stop at separate camps, and even travel at different speeds.

Still, we all have the same goal: to reach the summit.

That’s where all our combined experiences come together, and we can see the world’s beauty from a higher perspective.

Even though we may have encountered unique challenges, the end result is similar in many ways.

So, what happens after that?

Although we pass through many personal milestones, true self-discovery begins at the top of the mountain. From this point onward, you may connect with your inner self and the world around you.

One crucial feature that you’ll become aware of during this spiritual awakening process is your “personality archetype.”

Identify With An Archetype

In the late 1800s, psychologist Carl Jung introduced the 12 archetype personality concept. It claims that everyone falls into one of these categories.

You may better comprehend yourself, your actions, and your relationship with the rest of the world by learning about them.

It’s also a way to discover what you need to improve and heal to walk the spiritual path harmoniously.

The 12 archetypes are:

  • Regular Person;
  • Sage;
  • Hero;
  • Outlaw;
  • Innocent;
  • Explorer;
  • Ruler;
  • Creator;
  • Caregiver;
  • Magician;
  • Lover;
  • Jester;

These archetypes, whatever their origin, reflect and characterize your inner self’s present psychological and spiritual level. Each has its own distinct qualities and features that manifest as actions and beliefs.

But here is the exciting part.

You should ideally learn to detach from any of these patterns within your spiritual journey once you become aware of your archetype.

Use It As A Starting Point

Identifying with one archetype should only act as an initial boost but not as the end goal.

Believing that you belong to only one pattern restricts your potential and spiritual understanding.

You don’t have to identify with anybody or anything else if you truly want to enjoy that “spiritual summit experience.”

Instead, look at it as a constant development process.

That’s when you become aware of your inner self’s entire energetic and spiritual presence. It’s where the Yin – Yang energies and the light – shadow sides reside.

Healing these elements will create the ideal environment for improving physical health, harmonizing the emotional level, and increasing your spiritual awareness.

Discover Your True Self

Until you get to this point, knowing where you are now will assist you in determining what steps to take to advance on your spiritual journey.

That’s why I believe matching your archetype can tell a true story about the things you may resonate with.

It’s not about predicting your future but understanding the spiritual message conveyed through your day-to-day experiences.

It is my opinion that Carl Jung created this complex system for this specific reason.

Even if your archetype shouldn’t define your life’s purpose, it can definitely serve as a valuable guide.

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