From Dark Pasts to Bright Futures

‘Just a moment, as I really need to take my anxiety pills.’ – she said suddenly, catching me off-guard.

The room became quiet. Only the soft crackling of burning candles was breaking the silence.

I blinked… still processing this abrupt statement.

A mental image of a lone traveler at a crossroads, unsure of which path to choose, was slowly forming in my mind.

It took me a moment or two for my rational thoughts to kick in, and then I asked:

‘Is there something I need to know about you before we continue with the attunement?’

She took a deep breath, paused, and, in just a few words, she articulated the feelings swirling inside me that I couldn’t define.

As the seconds passed and my student revealed her troubling past, the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.

‘I went through repeated abuse in my teenage years, and it took me nearly 25 years or more of professional support to create something resembling stability.’

My heart sank.

Somehow, my darkest thoughts became a reality.

I have heard such stories before but in seminars and my teacher’s practice.

It was the first time I was facing this situation alone, having somebody putting her whole trust in my abilities.

Her image totally shifted in my mind from a progress-seeking student into a testament to human resilience.

But there was no time to dwell on the past.

This woman was here to find balance, and I was ready to do my best to help her.

‘Is this why you’re looking to advance in your Reiki journey?’ – I asked.

‘Not particularly.’ – she replied.

‘I’m more interested in using Reiki to heal my pets and comfort other animals.’

The surprising statements kept piling up.

Yet, her words struck a chord.

It’s often said that wounded individuals can offer the most profound healing.

As her story unfolded, clarity was forming in my mind as proof that you must understand the situation before crafting your approach.

Therefore, I proposed the Karuna Reiki attunement as a more tailored solution to her needs instead of the Master level she came in for.

Before we move on, there’s one critical point I want to make.

Starting With Reasons

I’ve met many people over the years who endured traumatic experiences. Most of them thought they had gone through the worst of the situations.

Still, I had this lady standing before me, focusing on helping others, even though there was so much more she needed to heal for herself.

While these two opinions about oneself can be considered as opposites, they have one element in common – “reasons”

Karmic or not, there are reasons why such awful events happen.

Of course, I’m well aware how easy it is to talk about this from the outside.

Still, accepting that the Universe has a way to balance things out leads not only to self-healing but also presents an opportunity for growth.

Without this balance, we wouldn’t have an equal chance to attain enlightenment at the end of our karmic journey.

The energy behind our actions must be zeroed out to create a smooth ascension path.

Still, it’s somehow “rewarding” to fall into depression and feed ourselves with sorrow.

But the experience, on the other side, is infinitely more enriching.

To get to that point, though, there are three essential components you need to take into account:

Soul cleansing – whether through Reiki or other spiritual practices. This implies detachment from past traumatic events through conscious healing and accepting the physical world as part of the spiritual realm.

From a cleansed soul, clarity of mind is born – an utterly non-judgmental behavior toward every person or creature on Earth or in another realm, regardless of their actions. It doesn’t mean that we should be indifferent to what others do but rather try to understand that each deed is linked to karmic debts and one’s current vibration level.

Practicing forgiveness toward ourselves and others – learning to forgive ourselves and those who have wronged us is not an easy feat. Still, amazing experiences and feelings can only emerge from hard work. This is quintessential for genuine healing and spiritual advancement.

Essential Practices For Balancing Past Traumas

I recommend three actions for severing the etheric cords that bind us in resentment of others.

These steps have the potential to break the chains of Karma and offer liberation of the spirit from the clutches of our own mental prison.

Reiki – regardless of your preferred system, using the basic Reiki self-treatment and symbols can help restore the lost parts of your soul while cleansing and purifying its structure.

Prayers, mantras, and fasting – are excellent methods to support your energy work. They bring in the physical plane the optimum vibration for your greater good to enhance your abilities to properly channel the universal energy.

Meditations – are ideal for finding clarity and receiving spiritual messages nobody else can provide. It takes only a few words to shift your mindset and create a more robust and healthy approach to life.

Kindness – last but not least, spend one day per week in pure compassion and empathy. Regardless of what that day might bring, challenge yourself for 24 hours to remain an unshakable pillar of light. If anger may come your way, practice breathing and grounding to become resilient to those temporary negative influences.

After the attunement, we sat down and talked, trying to link the past with the freshly acquired knowledge and make sense of what she would have to do moving forward.

The soft crackle of the candles seemed louder now, filling the space with their reassuring warmth.

When she thanked me for the support and guidance, I realized how fortunate I was to be part of this story.

Even if she struggled so much, she taught me that it’s never too late to learn and progress.

Regardless of the adversity we face, we all possess a force rooted deep inside us that can guide our human spirit toward the next, better version of ourselves.

Ultimately, it became clear to me that she may have been my student, but the lessons she imparted were invaluable.