Why Fasting Is Good At The Energetic Level

IMPORTANT: This is not intended as medical advice but for information purposes only. Always consult a healthcare specialist.

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As you know, mixing spirituality with healthy nutrition, Reiki, or other techniques, like yoga and tai chi, can go a long way in your spiritual development.

So far, through my letters, I have presented many techniques, meditations, and diet recommendations that can significantly help cleanse your energetic and emotional body from residual elements.

Even so, there is one subject that I left out on purpose. This is because not everyone may agree with this concept or find it useful right now.


In every religion and culture, fasting exists in one form or another. It has both a physical and religious significance that few are willing to discuss. That’s because most individuals are unaware of all of the advantages, while others who are aware choose not to discuss it.

There are two forms of fasting that I discovered to have a significant beneficial impact on me:

Vegan – which involves consuming non-animal products. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided in particular. This form of fasting can last for a few days to weeks, depending on your preferences;

Black fasting – This one involves no food and as little water as possible. It’s obviously more challenging, and it can be done for a few hours or days;

Why Consider Fasting

Without exception, food contains the energy and information of its source and of the person who cooks it.

When talking about meat, if the sacrificed creature was in pain before it died, its energy would be quite different from any non-animal product.

If you’re eating at home, remember to set your intention beforehand. This will help you focus and, ideally, improve your overall state. Any energy that goes into generating your dish will be “borrowed” to some extent.

This is one of the reasons why we should always cleanse our food with Reiki before consuming it.

Finally, this food will be digested. The heavier the meals are, the longer the digestion process will last. This means that most of our own energy will be consumed as well. It also means that any cognitive, therapeutical, or energetic-related activity will be significantly slower and offer incomplete results.

When fasting, these elements are almost non-existent, and we allow our bodies to relax.

The Benefits Of Fasting

  • Faster healing and reconstruction of your cells;
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure and inflammations;
  • An optimized metabolic process;
  • Your chakras, and the energetic fields they generate, will become cleansed and activated;
  • Your cognitive functions will gradually improve;
  • Stress and anxiety levels will be considerably reduced;
  • Better quality sleep;


If you’re doing this for the first time, I always recommend taking it slow. You can start with half a day of fasting, maybe 6-12h at first. Then, repeat each week or even once a month.

Then slowly start eating small quantities of light foods to bring your system back to its optimum rhythm. Don’t eat heavy meat-based meals immediately after a prolonged time of fasting.

Some people go for as long as 24h, 48h, and even 72h without eating. I do not advise this to everyone since it is highly dependent on your health status and any medications you are taking.


Combine this form of fasting with Reiki and meditation for additional benefits like weight loss.

You can also use Reiki on your drinking water. When your body is hungry, water hydrates your cells more effectively. So not only will it enhance the flow of universal energy throughout your body, but you will also experience faster emotional and spiritual recovery.