Tune In And Be Mindful

The difference between enjoying good results and having amazing experiences is when you transition from habit to lifestyle.

It might sound subtle. That’s because it is.

But, truth be told, only when you explore something day in and day out do you genuinely grasp the nuances otherwise out of reach.

They usually make a difference and enable us to reach that next level.

In the early stages, a Reiki practitioner has to practice self-treatment for 21 days in a row to change the body’s vibration.

It’s a way to release physical and energetic toxins. It’s also the best time to build up a habit. Without constant practice, no fancy technique will ever work.

Moreover, Mikao Usui himself stated that self-treatment should be a daily exercise performed throughout one’s life.

This is stage one…

When you progress from the outside world into your inner self through Reiki.

Still, it’s just the beginning. There’s so much more for each of us to learn and explore.

Grow Through Awareness

Remember that we’re constantly connected to the universal life force energy. When you start practicing Reiki, you enhance this connection by allowing the energy to flow freely in an optimum way. As a result, you raise your vibration, improve your health on all levels, and gain higher consciousness over time.

That’s why, once you have this habit in place, it’s time to integrate Reiki further into your life. You do so by constantly being mindful of the flow of the universal life force energy.

This means you become aware of every moment of your life, even when you walk down the street.

I have the privilege of using a car on rare occasions. This allows me to spend more time with myself and use Reiki to improve my day.

While going to work or grocery shopping, I activate the Reiki symbols by visualizing them above my head in the crown chakra area. I do the same on all the primary chakras.

Then, I visualize the energy as it starts flowing throughout my body, cleansing everything in its path. I also like to recite prayers, mantras, and sutras in my head to enhance the cleaning effect.

Keep Reiki Close To You

The main takeaway is that you can use Reiki in almost any situation. Whether that’s a walk in a park, your daily commute, or while waiting for an appointment, Reiki is there, and it can help.

You don’t have to follow an exact pattern. Still, consider becoming aware of the universal energy whenever you have some time for yourself.

This goes beyond the habit of practicing the Reiki self-treatment. It’s when you’re ready to integrate the whole concept into your life and allow it to become part of who you are.

Make no mistake. I’ll always recommend the full self-treatment as a first choice. This is just another layer that will set you apart from regular practitioners and even those who see Reiki as a chore.

Take advantage of the time alone.

Visualize the Reiki symbols above your head and allow the universal life force energy to manifest throughout your body.

You’ll see how easy it is to benefit from it without complicated concepts.

If you are attuned to Karuna or other Reiki systems, then add those symbols as well.

I would avoid this method when you are in crowded spaces. Keep in mind that the energetic fields can intersect, and you want to keep this practice to yourself.

Practice Mindfully

Being mindful of your connection to the universal life force energy is part of the essence of Reiki. It can lead to one of the most important results: understanding what you are healing.

It’s also an excellent way to start your day by enabling a healthy and balanced mindset.

Ask your Reiki spirit guides to support you in your journey, as they are always eager to aid your spiritual development.

Just take it step-by-step. Bring Reiki into your life first and make a habit out of showing up each day and doing the self-treatment. Then, use the techniques and symbols that make sense to you. Slowly add new ideas as you see fit and allow yourself to discover more through Reiki.