Intercept The Present Moment And Turn Anxiety Into Your Favor

Anxiety can be a gift.

Every day, we encounter different types of challenges. Some are more severe and, therefore, obvious, while others silently pass us by. But regardless of their nature, we face these challenges for a reason. You may choose to ignore their presence and accept their effects. Or you can try to use them as opportunities for personal growth.

That’s when the concept of being present, Reiki, and anxiety can work in your favor. This intersection is how you can potentially become an active element in your life instead of a passenger.

Let’s see how you can intercept the present moment!

Why You Should See Anxiety As A Friend

Life is not linear.

It has “ups” and “downs,” and it’s full of flavors. The “bad” experiences are also part of life. We naturally repel them but, as we do so, we also separate them from our existence.

Unpleasant feelings such as anxiety can reveal many spiritual lessons. By intercepting them at the right time, you can enjoy valuable “a-ha” moments that can surface the root of the problem so you can heal it.

Embrace anxiety as a friend and transform it into an ally.

How To Use Reiki To Transform Anxiety Into An Advantage

The process is really straightforward.

Yet, due to the complexity of the issue, we tend to overcomplicate it. I’m guilty as charged. Still, I’ll do my best to present this solution in a practical manner.

Here we go:

If you are attuned to Reiki Level 1

The easiest way is to insert the flow of universal life force energy into the moment. And, when I say this, I want you to imagine the universal flow as a needle that penetrates and breaks the bubble of negativity. This will remove the low-vibrational energies while inserting pure, divine light.

If you are attuned to Reiki Level 2 and beyond

Add Reiki symbols to the method above.

  • Activate the Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen sequence of symbols within the bubble to help break it into small pieces.
  • Add Dai Ko Myo if you are level 3.
  • Visualize the flow of universal life force energy transmuting all remaining parts into pure light.

The Reiki symbols will enhance the process. Still, it’s your active involvement in that moment that will have the biggest impact.

Turn Challenges Into Bridges

Challenges are often seen as brick walls.

We hit them and wait until the pain is gone. But we’re the masters of our own fate, and these are not physical walls. This means we can transform them into bridges toward a more evolved version of ourselves.

It’s all about becoming present and more aware of a situation. Instead of fearing anxiety, you can accept it, breathe it in, and then release it without attachment.

Reiki is the perfect tool you can rely on to transform unpleasant moments into opportunities for growth.