How To Efficiently Integrate The Usui Reiki Symbols In Your Practice

Reiki symbols are like whispers from the universe, a hidden language that only those attuned to Reiki can read.

Their timeless nature is rooted in ancient teachings, tempting us to explore the spiritual connection between all living beings.

More than just fascinating, Reiki symbols help us gain a deeper understanding of the restorative properties of this healing art by bridging the spiritual world with our physical reality.

This happens because these symbols allow you to tap into a stronger energy flow, harnessing a specific aspect of universal life force energy.

Although this is their primary function in Reiki, each Usui Reiki symbol comes with various metaphysical attributes that few can truly decipher.

That’s why many practitioners and teachers alike fail to perceive the true, spiritual nature of the Usui Reiki symbols.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of lacking commitment and a superficial connection with a symbol’s deeper meaning.

Other times, the opposite stands true. Reiki symbols become the core focus at the expense of the practice itself.

Either extrem quickly leads to frustration and even a complete abandonment of the symbols.

I feel a middle ground can bring more clarity to the practice and lift your experience to a more profound level.

That’s why it’s necessary to grasp the basics before integrating any Reiki symbol into your routine.

At this point, I would argue that having knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional elements is of the essence.

Traditional Vs. Non-Traditional Symbols

In the Usui Reiki system, there are four traditional symbols and two non-traditional ones.

Both types are highly effective in channeling specific energies and supporting spiritual growth.

Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols

Cho Ku Rei – Known as the “Power Symbol,” helps cleanse, activate, and protect either an energetic structure, a person, or even an object.

Sei He Ki – the symbol of harmony, helps bring balance, serenity, and healing to the mental and emotional layers.

Hon Sha Ze sho Nen – the “Distance Healing” symbol is known for enabling the transfer of universal energy regardless of time and space.

Dai Ko Myo – known as the “Master Symbol” that brings pure light, wisdom, and abundance wherever it’s activated.

Non-Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols

Shika So – Used for healing the throat chakra, enhancing communication, and improving the physical health of this area of the body.

Shika Sei Ki – Used for healing the heart chakra, Sei He Ki helps remove anxiety and depression while allowing you to harmoniously express your feelings and emotions.

How To Integrate The Usui Reiki Symbols

As I see it, integrating Reiki symbols is more of a concept than a process because it implies using them as an extension of yourself.

More exactly, they have the potential of becoming embedded with your energy fields to the point that using them is second nature in every activity you engage in.

Paradoxically, this leads to detachment from the struggle of constantly seeking to learn how to draw or apply them.

As with all Reiki symbols, you can integrate them in two main ways.

1) Practice

The more you use the Reiki symbols in self-treatment or treatment of others, the more in tune you become with their metaphysical nature.

2) Meditation

This is designated to help you strengthen your connection with a particular symbol. I suggest applying this method for one symbol at a time.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a quiet moment of the day, free from distraction;
  • Play some high-vibrational tunes to create a relaxing atmosphere;
  • Sit in a chair with your back straight, take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes;
  • Now, visualize in front of you the symbol you wish to strengthen your connection;
  • Allow it to expand and observe as it begins to radiate pure light;
  • Visualize a cloud of energy emanating from the symbol, reaching out to your energy fields;
  • Now, allow the symbol’s energy to integrate with your structures;
  • Remain in this vibration until you feel ready to use the symbol;
  • Once you feel ready, gently open your eyes and resume your activity;

It’s good to note that you can try this meditation even for symbols you don’t have attunements for. This can be particularly useful for non-traditional symbols or those outside of known Reiki systems.


The Usui Reiki symbols offer a wellspring of wisdom and, I would dare say, “power” in terms of vibration and ability to channel universal energy.

Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Shon Nen, Shika So, Shika Sei Ki, and Dai Ko Myo are not just tools for healing.

They are tokens for better understanding your connection to the spiritual realms, inviting you to explore the boundless gifts that exist beyond ordinary perception.

As you begin to integrate them, slowly notice the benefits they bring.

This won’t happen overnight. That’s why it’s important to focus more on making progress and doing so with consistency.

Stay confident, and the results will be exponential.