How To Do The Meditation In Motion And Its Benefits

The meditation in motion is a powerful method of cleansing that you learn at level 3 Usui Reiki. It implies the use of Dai Ko Myo, the master symbol, and that’s why it’s being taught at this level.

Even so…

Beginners often wonder if it’s possible to use it at level 2 Usui Reiki. – I’ll expand on this in a moment.

First, let’s explain the meditation in motion and understand its role. It’s a simple but effective technique that enables you to cleanse residual and negative energies.

You can use it to maintain the good health of your subtle bodies, and aura. In turn, this helps you place your mental, emotional and spiritual layers in a gradual state of healing.

Still … there are a variety of benefits to consider like:

  • Bringing pure energy to your subtle fields and charkas;
  • By refreshing your energetic structures, your vibration increases, which leads to a healthier physical body;
  • Become more energized and cleansed after each session;
  • The use of the Reiki symbols will help integrate their positive energies and features into your daily life;
  • Dissolves a considerable amount of negative energies from your spiritual layers, thus releasing you from energetic blockages;
  • It helps cleanse the mental and emotional energetic fields;

How To Do The Meditation In Motion At Level 3 Usui Reiki

  • Activate your palms using the Reiki symbols, including Dai Ko Myo;
  • Activate your seven primary chakras with the Reiki symbols. You can include Dai Ko Myo as well;
  • Draw the Dai Ko Myo symbol at arm’s length in front of your heart area;
  • Use both hands to scoop out Dai Ko Myo’s energy and spread it throughout your energetic fields. Bring those residual energies from your fields and gather them in the area of your navel;
  • Repeat 3 times while pronouncing Dai Ko Myo’s name three times (so … Dai Ko Myo will be pronounced for a total of nine times);

Use the same scooping method. Instead of saying “Dai Ko Myo” three times, use the affirmation “I declare my divine presence here, on Earth!” – three times for each scoop. At the end of each scoop, you throw the gathered residual energies (that were left at the navel area) to the ground. Again, speak everything out loud three times per scoop for a total of nine affirmations.

The Meditation In Motion At Level 2 Usui Reiki

Even if some Reiki masters would not agree, I believe you can still benefit from its influence. The only difference is that you’ll activate the Cho Ku Rei or Sei He Ki symbol in front of your heart area instead of the master symbol.

Choose one to use throughout the whole meditation. The rest stays exactly the same. Don’t forget to activate the symbols on the chakras before you start.

​How Is The Meditation In Motion Related To The Reiki Self-Treatment

You can use the meditation in motion before and/or after the Reiki self-treatment.

While the Reiki self-treatment heals and purifies the inner spiritual and energetic structures, the meditation in motion completes the healing by cleansing the energetic impurities around us.

Therefore you could say that the meditation in motion complements the Reiki self-treatment practice.