Aiming For A Spiritual Romantic Relationship

Ever found yourself daydreaming about the perfect relationship?

Probably everything from how you behave in various situations to how you communicate and share affection crossed your mind.

Most of us have this sort of “wish list” tucked deep within our souls.

Yet, not many ponder the idea of being with someone who’s ​spiritually aware​ and awake.

It’s hard to picture what this might look like, especially when we’re all working through our own personal healing journeys.

So, naturally, we attract the people we resonate with at that present moment, who may or may not have the traits we desire.

But, once we engage in the process of healing, chances are that we reach a certain point of divine grace that can manifest in various fields, including in relationships.

And… not only our resonance changes, but also our perception of the “ideal partner’ – or the unclear desires we once had.

Therefore, as controversial as this may sound, one of three situations can occur:

(granted karmic debts are balanced out between the two spirits engaged in that relationship)

  1. If you’re already in a relationship – both of you can enter the carousel of healing and awareness, which may spark occasional conflicts, but nothing that cannot be solved;
  2. If you’re already in a relationship – one of you might choose to leave due to a difference in vibration. This is not without reason, but instinctively, to attract the ideal partner for spiritual evolution;
  3. If you are single – you’ll be drawn to people with a similar vibration level;

The Dynamics Of Spiritually Awakened Relationship

NOTE: Take the following as examples, not hard truths.

This evolved link implies having space, feeling free, and being more connected to your partner than any other person.

Both of you exist in a state of presence, without “needing” each other but complementing one another for the greater good of the relationship and individual evolution.

At this stage, your inner healing process is strong. Both of you can deal with insecurities and common issues without pointing fingers.

There’s no knight in shining armor and no princess that needs saving.

The Balancing Of Contrasts

Your relationship’s balance is dictated by the light and shadow sides, the Yin and Yang aspects of your inner self.

This manifests through your ease in facing each other’s fears and dismantling emotional masks. The need to dominate or be dominated is replaced by harmonious cooperation for facing life together.

Even so, if necessary, you are both capable of continuing life without the other because you understand that love is not the same as dependency.

Neither can truly abandon, reject, or negotiate each other’s feelings. That’s because you and your partner have brought down the wall of defense and have transcended the programs of society.

You now adhere to a higher state of being.

As you face your shadow sides, imperfection is appreciated over the romanced concept of perfection.

Life will certainly be uncomfortable at times.

But overcoming the struggles together is exciting because the rewards are much greater on the other side if you’re together.

Still, keep in mind that this doesn’t save you or your partner from searching to improve yourselves as you mirror each one’s qualities and flaws.

In short, the relationship becomes a reflection of divine intervenience within the physical world, a beacon of spiritual unity, and an example for others to follow.

Reiki’s Role In Relationships

A relationship can thrive when many aspects of the individual are in balance.

Your mental and emotional layers are in check, and you’ve acknowledged that your spiritual wisdom is as important as taking care of your spiritual body.

Reiki is your perfect ally in helping you access the core of your inner self and address any potential imbalances. Through Reiki and introspection, you can dissolve negative programs, making space for genuine compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Of course, Reiki is not the only way to get to this outcome.

Yet, it’s certainly a gentle method that you can use on its own or to complement other practices you are fond of.


Everything we’ve discussed might sound ideal and only destined for the selected few.

While it’s true that some meet the right persons by chance, I cand say with high conviction that’s not the case. They are simply not aware of the connection they have.

The rest of us…

Well, we just have to work for it.

And that’s OK.

The first and most crucial thing is to start with yourself. That’s where everything begins. See the world you come in contact with as a mirror of your inner self and seek change within to enjoy the gifts this world has to offer.

Realistically, you can’t expect to find someone who is at a higher level of awareness without minding your spiritual growth.

Take your current situation as a starting point.

Regardless if you are in a relationship or not, if you’re with a person that shares the same values or not, there’s always room for improvement.

And… no point is to low.

Be thankful for what you have and for the awareness you are given.

Start here.

Start with yourself.

Begin to harmonize your inner battle to find clarity and pave the road to a better self.

This is how you evolve spiritually, emotionally, physically, and, eventually, the optimum partner for your greater good.