How Communicating Beyond Words Can Boost Your Thyroid Function

Have you ever wondered why so many people, even at younger stages, experience thyroid imbalances?

It’s easy to blame it on fast food and questionable lifestyles.

But the underlying reason is usually much reacher and profound.

It hides under one name…


Thyroid hormones have a direct impact on the brain and its neurotransmitters. They are crucial for maintaining healthy cognitive functions such as memory and focus.

Yet, the ability to clearly express thoughts and emotions has a deeper role than what you can see on the surface.

From an emotional and energetic perspective, if the brain is the generator of thoughts, and the heart is the primary conductor of emotions, then the thyroid helps us communicate our thoughts and emotions in the physical world.

Therefore, a healthy thyroid gland usually indicates a healthy way of expression.

This statement stands true in reverse. More precisely, learning how to communicate and express emotions and thoughts stimulates the health of the thyroid gland.

Of course, external aids such as Reiki and other spiritual practices help heal the throat chakra and its physical components, like the thyroid gland, larynx, and esophagus.

In turn, you gain clarity in expressing your thoughts through a better flow of universal energy.

Verbalizing Is Just A Small Part Of Communicating

We all strive to improve our close connections and avoid conflict.

Yet, we often emphasize talking as the main channel of communicating emotions.

But having a healthy talk is just part of the equation. It’s a good place to start because you know how to do it and can better focus on the issue at hand.

True healing, though, comes from understanding that communication may involve your physical as well as your mental and emotional bodies. And this, indeed, may take more effort on your side to learn how to use and implement.

Yet, the difference is immense.

Think about having a cold slice of pizza on a rainy evening after you return home from work versus a warm family home-cooked dinner.

Talking can certainly bring “nutritional value,” but the experience of embracing communication as a whole can have profound benefits.

Let’s explore the different types of communication and how to use them to nourish and fortify your relationships.

Physical Level Communication

Verbal – The most common way of expressing yourself.

Hand Gestures – Most of us don’t realize it, but our gestures and body language can reveal a lot about our feelings in the presence of others.

Facial Expressions – The direct, physical manifestation of certain emotions within conversations. Facial expressions are easily noticeable and can convey a lot about what and how the person in front of us wishes to communicate.

Emotional Level Communication

The Written Word – From children penning their emotions to professional writers, this type of communication is less direct but comes with significant output. It signals many stagnant thoughts that live at a subconscious level and cannot come out in another form.

Offering or Retaining – This means involving the emotional body in communication. When you express appreciation or gratitude, you are actively engaging your emotional self in the exchange. Retaining from receiving them can signal deep-rooted feelings of abandonment and sorrow.

Energetic Level Communication

Waves of Energy – These are generated and transmitted through the primary energy centers (chakras). Depending on the vibration of both the sender and receiver, these waves can have either a superficial effect or reach a higher flow, even to the point of telepathy.

Sending Energy – Whether through Reiki or other practices, channeling energy to another person can be a form of subtle communication and a compassionate expression towards someone dear.

While this list could go on with numerous examples, one of the most important criteria for establishing healthy communication is to have an optimum flow of universal life force energy through your body.

As the vibration and resonance change, so does the way we communicate.

In other words, a harmonious flow can lead to a sense of balance and calm. Your thoughts will clear up, your emotions will be more in tune, and your physical health will benefit from the overall beneficial energy.

As we journey through the tapestry of energetic and physical communication, remember that the words we speak, the energy we emit, and the emotions we share make our intentions visible to the universe.

Go beyond verbalization and embrace holistic communication to support your thyroid gland and promote overall well-being.