How A Mountain Hike Helped Me Dissolve My Karmic Debts

Ever feel like you’re not living life at your full potential?

Despite your efforts to meditate, help others, and improve your existence in various areas, you still seem to struggle. It’s not that you’re not making progress or you’re not fulfilled from time to time. But something there is missing, and it’s not about greed or materialism.

You just want to function at an optimal level while being more connected to this world.

Self-sabotage or a lack of motivation might play a role but it’s insignificant compared to karmic debts.

I recently went on a trip with fellow Reiki practitioners.

One of my teachers organized a two-day pilgrimage to the praying place of Arsenie Boca, a renowned Romanian monk known for healing miracles.

(This monk is well-known for performing countless miracles on pilgrims who went to see him for answers and healing.)

Aside from dealing with the hustle of accommodations and logistics (it’s not an easy place to reach), I was pleasantly surprised to meet many of my former colleagues and students.

This ignited long-forgotten feelings. It helped me reconnect with my younger self but also enjoy a sense of belonging.

I can’t recommend this experience enough.

I Learned To Breath Again

This trip involved three highly regarded monasteries.

They are known for their spiritual teachings and high vibration. Still, it’s interesting how they preserved their values throughout the entire communist era. To this day, they function similarly to how they used to, probably more than a century ago.

Traveling to these spiritual places is like paying tribute to those who fought to defend their integrity.

It was an easy trip… until we reached the mountain’s base.

This climb was probably the most difficult I’ve ever encountered (and I had my share of experiences.)

From hanging to ropes to climbing unstable ladders, it was a real adventure. Both ways came with their set of challenges. But, I was able to overcome them successfully by constantly reminding myself why I was there.

“I’m on a spiritual quest that’s worth all the effort.”

The more I climbed the mountain, the more alive I felt. It was as if all the residual energies and negative programs I carried were being stripped away from my energy fields.

Each small climb was like peeling off another layer of the energetic onion that was engulfing me.

But… it all came together when I reached the top.

It’s very hard to express the feeling in words.

As I was looking into the horizon, I was becoming one with the universal life force energy. There was no separation between me and the mountain.

I realized that I just learned to breathe again and reconnect with my essence.

When you face your fears, they will most likely fear you more and disappear.

Then, the unexpected happened.

I have a life-long fear of heights.

I was expecting dizziness to settle. My stomach was supposed to inform me that this is not a comfortable position to be in. Yet, in that moment, I completely forgot about this fear.

I found myself on slippery slopes and mountain edges where I wouldn’t normally set foot. I was so focused on my goal that my conscious mind failed to disturb me.

My fear of heights had vanished.

Archangel Gabriel Spoke To Me

We finally reached the top.

Everybody was there, waiting in line to enter the praying area. A 300-foot drop was inches away from our boots. I took another look to ensure that my fear of heights wasn’t just messing with me.

Luckily, it wasn’t there anymore.

My turn finally came and I went inside to offer my prayers and respect to Arsenie Boca. I was so grateful to be there. Yet, I felt an immense pressure thinking how this person lived in a rock on a remote mountain peak.

As I was passing through this moment of divine bliss, a higher divine being, an extension of someone greater than us appeared next to me.

I believe it was Archangel Gabriel.

5 Lessons I Learned From This Pilgrimage

As I was returning to base, I was still connected to this wonderful place.

I was aware that I was descending. Yet, somehow, my mind and emotional body were still there. With every step I felt more alive, wiser, but also grateful for being fortunate enough to live this opportunity.

Luckily, my teacher was there waiting for us and had the chance to speak with him.

Here’s what I concluded:

  1. The more physical and mental effort you put in, the more you help heal your karmic debts. It’s not the only way, and it certainly won’t clear all of them. But it’s an endeavor you definitely want to consider.
  2. All pilgrimages lead to sacred places which, through their nature, help dissolve negative energies.
  3. A time spent in nature is like the nurturing hand of a mother.
  4. Connecting with like-minded individuals will ignite a sense of belonging and help reveal insights you cannot see on your own.
  5. As your energy becomes more pure, connecting to higher divine entities is entirely possible. They might not say their name or reveal their faces. But it’s a sign you went higher on the spiritual ladder where you’re worthy of meeting such celestial beings.

Pilgrimages are not merely trips to the top of a mountain but journeys that lead to your spiritual peak.

It’s still a mystery to me how Arsenie Boca lived in this remote area.

But when you experience the waves of universal energy that these places offer, it kind of makes sense. It’s hard to experience them in the city. Plus, the physical and mental effort you have to go through to get there opens you up to the possibility of receiving divine gifts.

I cannot recommend such an experience enough.

While you could consider a longer pilgrimage, like Santiago de Compostela, only once in your life, shorter ones can provide insights you could use to course-correct.

Discovering yourself is the greatest journey you can make.