Expanding Consciousness Through The Knowledge Of Celestial Hierarchies

You are never alone!

Nor will you ever be!

You are an extension of something bigger, immeasurable, of celestial magnitude.

And you’ve been part of this since the birth of your spirit, a long time ago.

Do you ever wonder about your purpose in this vast and complex universe?

In a world that often feels disconnected and chaotic, it’s easy to feel alone and helpless in front of challenges.

The common narrative pushes us towards believing that our existence is purely material, bounded by what we see, touch, and is scientifically proven.

This perspective, however, overlooks the rich, interconnected tapestry of spiritual existence that binds us to something far greater than ourselves.

Unfortunately, it makes us feel isolated at times, especially when we need support.

Answers are out of reach.

And finding solutions to the challenges we face makes us feel small and helpless.

It’s a surface-level belief that ignores the wisdom shared across Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions that our spirits are not solitary elements but part of a larger, divine whole.

Here, we are constantly surrounded by higher vibrational entities that are more than happy to assist us in our spiritual journey.

By exploring the structured hierarchy of these beings and their roles, we not only gain insight into our spiritual connections but also how these connections can empower our daily lives.

This knowledge serves as a bridge to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe, offering comfort and guidance through the realization that we are never truly alone.

The Higher Planes Of Existence

It is believed that divine beings are grouped in a hierarchy, with each rank being closer to the Divine throne.

The most detailed account we have comes from a 5th-century text called “The Celestial Hierarchy” by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.

This work outlines 9 primary levels of heavenly beings, from those nearest to the divine presence to those closest to our physical world.

The First Triad

The Seraphim – “the burning ones” – resemble supreme commanders and closest attendants to the Divine Throne. They are perceived as beings with six wings and four faces.

Cherubim – “those with fulness of wisdom” – those who bless and protect places and other entities, including people. They contemplate the Divine providence and bring divine wisdom to those seeking it from the heart. Cherubs are known to have four faces with 4 wings and rarely appear in any physical form.

Thrones (or Ophanims) – “chariots of the Divine” – differ significantly in shape, and it’s believed that they are driven by the cherubs. They represent love, peace, and submission and are depicted as great wheels containing many eyes. Ophanims are the first beings that tap into the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape.

The Second Triad

Dominions – govern the universe and celestial objects such as stars, planets, and even entire galaxies. They are the choirs of Divinity and take orders from Seraphims and Cherubs, delivering their messages down to the lower ranks;

Virtues – are known to govern the elements of nature on each planet, including seasons, storms, thunder, water waves, earth movements, and sunlight. They inspire scientists, artists, and writers to discover new and valuable teachings;

Powers – threshold angels between Heaven and Earth. They are seen as warriors tasked with counterbalancing the dark forces and guiding people toward faith, theology, and religion in its pure state. They also oversee the rule of monarchies or country leaders. Powers resemble barely visible colorful clouds when they make themselves present in the physical world.

The Third Triad

Principalities (or Rulers) – beings that guard communities, states, churches, and even entire countries. They oversee our world’s dynamic as they are the ones who allow countries to exist or not. While some of the Principaltieis govern, some just assist. In the physical plane, they might appear as beams of bright light.

Archangels – protectors and guides of humanity and the physical plane. They carry our Divine messages and protect those who ask for their help and support. Archangels can transmute negative energies and information, heal, and offer high-vibrational energy to humans. They are the first heavenly suborder that appears under a human form in the physical plane.

Angels – are the closest divine beings to people. They oversee the well-being of individuals and their material elements such as household, family, jobs, life goals, health, and abundance. Silimar to Archangels, they can guide and offer universal energy to us by enhancing our connection with them. Each person has at least one guardian angel that can sometimes appear as a human form in meditations or prayers.

Why Do Celestial Hierarchies Matter

Our spirit is an extension of these divine beings and exists simultaneously in the physical and spiritual planes. These constantly intertwine, meaning we live in both dimensions at the same time.

Even so, the physical is merely an extension of the spiritual.

This awareness can only help you better understand yourself and acknowledge that you are never alone but part of something bigger.

Having said that, we are responsible for staying grounded and enjoying our life here on Earth but through a spiritual lens.

How Does Reiki Play In All Of This

Reiki is one of the many ways you can use to expand your awareness.

By channeling the universal life force energy, you remove negative energies, raise your vibration, and foster a deeper connection with the divine beings that are in resonance with your current level of perception.

The best thing about Reiki is that it first releases your mental and emotional blockages, promoting a healthy flow of universal energy, which is key in developing a solid spiritual link.


You’re not here to dream of angels and heavenly spirits.

The goal of this article is to help you realize that you are never alone, and if you have ever felt this way, know that you’ll never be alone.

There’s always some form of help you can ask for, and if you’re open, you’ll receive the optimum guidance.

Everything is connected.

And… we are just pieces of this immense puzzle that never stays still.

The only element that can prevent you from evolving is your own limitations. The programs installed by society create the image you have of yourself.

The good news is that you can change it and develop a new image beyond your current boundaries.

It may take some time and practice.

But you are never alone.

If you want to do this for yourself, expand your knowledge and awareness and accept the guidance of higher wisdom.

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