Acknowledge Meaningful Connections For A Higher Sense Of Purpose

Remember that moment when you call someone, and they reply surprised:

“I was just thinking about you!”

A moment of silence follows.

Your mind rewinds, trying to see if there’s a reason you made the call.

The person on the other side of the line stops to think about what just happened.

It’s all blurred.

Yet obvious.

Somehow, everything makes a lot of sense.

Not in a logical way by any means. But in that split second, clarity is at its peak.

“Fortunately,” you return to reality and agree that it’s all a coincidence.

When Coincidence Occurs

Let’s look beyond the physical and scientific world for a moment and agree that we all have a spiritual and mental connection with dear ones.

Whether these individuals are family or friends you haven’t talked to in ages, a link is still present as long as there is a positive “vibe” between you.

Sounds abstract.

It’s almost as if souls communicate with each other, right?

Well, that’s not further from the truth.

But I’ll come back to this matter shortly.

Before that, it’s essential to acknowledge that spiritual connections are common when two or more people resonate with each other and share similar perceptions.

Yet, these are not permanent ties nor they preserve the same intensity. But, they do result from your current energetic state.

Making Sense Of Spiritual Connections

The etheric cords create mental, emotional, and spiritual links.

This is possible by transferring energy and information via the primary chakras.

Therefore, the quality of these connections depends on the health of your energetic system and your resonance. These two factors determine who you attract and how you interact.

Of course, there’s also the karmic factor.

More precisely, some people exist in your life to balance out emotions and energies that were left unexpressed in previous lives and require closure in this one.

Therefore, we inevitably form connections with them as well.

These details help us understand that there are many types of relationships and connections we form throughout this life, let alone those created in previous ones.

Do Souls Communicate


To address the initial question:

‘Do souls communicate with each other?’

I’d say that they rather connect than communicate.

In fact, spiritual connections occur across the three main levels of the human psyche – mind, soul, and spirit. The popular concept of “soulmates,” often misunderstood, actually relates to these bonds.

So, let’s see what the different types are.

Telepathic Communications

Telepathy occurs when two or more individuals clearly transmit information to each other without using any form of physical interaction.

In this instance, mental links are created, decoding and transporting the signals projected by the brain.

Sometimes, this phenomenon happens naturally between two close relatives like mother and child.

Other times, individuals can develop their telepathic abilities through spiritual practices, cleansing and stimulating their crown, third eye, and throat chakras.

  • The ​third eye chakra​ serves as the transmission center;
  • The ​throat chakra​ is the reception facilitator;
  • The ​crown chakra​ is the receiver of divine guidance and the flow of universal life force energy;


A soulmate connection occurs when two or more individuals resonate at the ​heart chakra​ level.

This resonance means they share similar interests, knowledge, and wisdom. They display comparable behaviors and are usually engaged in the same activities.

But beyond that, they resonate at a spiritual level.

Contrary to popular belief, soulmates are not confined to romantic partnerships.

In fact, a person can have multiple soulmates throughout their lifetime, including intimate partners, but also friends, parents, or siblings.

This broadens the traditional understanding of soulmates to encompass a variety of meaningful relationships.

Twin Flame

The twin flame concept describes a deep connection between two individuals who resonate on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

This profound alignment allows them to fit together perfectly, creating a unity that transcends the physical plane.

Typically, these connections evolve into romantic relationships that elevate to a ​higher state of consciousness​, setting a profound example for others.

However, one potential challenge with such relationships is their tendency to become highly self-sufficient, to the extent that the individuals involved may feel little need to interact with the outside world.

Addressing Spiritual Connections With Reiki

Three important outcomes can occur through Reiki:

  • By cleansing your chakras, you also heal your connections with others;
  • You gradually begin to balance out karmic debts, freeing you from those “forced” links that can sometimes prove detrimental;
  • Your vibration rises, which means that you are more likely to attract new people and situations into your life that correspond to that level of vibration;

There’s no need to focus on something in particular. Simply practicing the full self-treatment with consistency and an open heart is enough to balance and cleanse your energetic structure for your greater good.


Reiki is an ideal spiritual tool for defining current connections and removing those that are less constructive for one’s evolution.

Reiki can also change your resonance, which means you’ll encounter more favorable situations, especially when it comes to significant relationships.

Understanding the various types of human connections, whether they’re telepathic, soulmate, or twin flame relationships, enhances your comprehension of how deeply you can resonate with others.

Spiritual practices play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body, and, therefore nurture these essential links for your well being and growth.

These connections give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself through diverse experiences and help others by gaining wisdom and skills.

It’s how you’ll find more clarity in your quest for purpose and give more meaning to your actions.

This exploration of human connections underscores the importance of self-awareness and openness in fostering meaningful relationships, ultimately guiding you toward a richer, more harmonious existence.