Using Reiki Protection To Help Others

I’ve been involved in Reiki for many years and have had the opportunity to learn from various courses, seminars, and attunement sessions.

When the time came, I started teaching and working with others. Soon after, I realized that I was also offering mental and emotional assistance.

While I’m not trained in related areas, I found that my intuition and Reiki skills guided me each time I was going deeper into an issue.

This stimulated my interest in a different way, and I slowly learned how to approach people from a more empathic standpoint.

I realized that even though we have unique thoughts and feelings, many similarities connect us and the world we live in.

We Are Vulnerable Creatures

A recent call I had with one of my students highlighted, once again, how vulnerable we could be.

She is quite empathic and connects easily with the people she interacts with.

Being sensitive to others’ thoughts and emotions means you’re also absorbing part of their energy, and, in some cases, this can be overwhelming.

Therefore, she decided that it would be good to protect herself through Reiki.

Having struggled with this myself at times, I could feel her pain and frustration.

It was clear that she wanted to help others but wasn’t sure how to do that without becoming overloaded.

Some of us even sabotage ourselves with fear and uncertainty, imagining unhealthy scenarios that ultimately prevent us from moving forward.

At this stage, it’s good to ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • “How can I improve my thinking with Reiki?”
  • “How can I protect myself with Reiki?”
  • “What’s my purpose, and how can I be of service to others?”

These questions can help you focus on the here and now rather than getting lost in rumination.

Once you dissolve confusion and become more clearheaded, you can act more intentionally and with purpose.

Reiki Protection Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Most Reiki systems have techniques and methods for protection.

While each has its particularities, the main idea is to create a space of light and love around you, which will act as a barrier against negative energies.

You also have to be careful not to let the fear go too far because you risk isolating yourself from the very thing you’re trying to protect yourself from – other people.

I’ve been there, hence the reason I’m sharing my experience.

Imagine leaving your house all dressed up in armor, carrying a shield, and ready to take your sword out at any time. That’s how people will perceive you if you cover yourself in too many layers of protection.

Would you interact with such an individual?

Probably not…

While protecting yourself is a good idea and even necessary at times, there’s no need to overdo it.

Depending on your situation, you might want to use a different technique or approach.

Reiki Will Take You There

The higher your vibration and the more developed your inner-self is, the quicker you’ll manifest a particular intention.

Therefore, the protection you create is as strong as your inner-self is at the time.

When you raise your consciousness level, there is no more fear or uncertainty. This awareness is a layer of protection in itself, but it doesn’t happen overnight, as we all know.

Meanwhile, you can still use the techniques and methods available for each level of expertise.

This email’s role is to present the idea of protection through an objective lens. It’s a way to make you aware of its importance and encourage you to consider it in your Reiki practice.