Rediscover Happiness By Connecting With Your Inner Child

I remember my dad telling me about how, when he was a kid, he really wanted an electric toy train.

He dreamed of having the whole set: the train, tracks, everything.

But back then, money was tight, options were limited, and even getting decent clothes was a challenge.

As he got older and started his own family, this wish kind of got pushed to the back of his mind.

Then, as I was growing up, he once surprised me with a complete electric train set.

It had everything, and I was so happy to bring part of my imagination into the real world.

This moment stuck with me for no apparent reason.

Still, looking back, it’s probably a lesson I had to learn and maybe share with others like I’m doing today.

I realized that his gift wasn’t solely about being a great dad but fulfilling a childhood dream and living that experience with me.

It was like he was completing something inside himself without even acknowledging it.

It was about manifesting his unfulfilled inner child through a subconscious gesture.

Think about it…

Have you ever really wanted to buy something that seemed unnecessary?

And, when you finally got it, you felt so happy, almost like a child.

That joy, that pure bliss that makes you say ‘I’m happy,’ is the inner child feeling complete in that moment.

The Inner Child Concept

A lot of psychologists and spiritual practitioners talk about healing your inner child.


What if the inner child is not the one that requires healing but by addressing the inner self you’ll help the inner child manifest authentically?

Picture this:

Imagine you’re at one end of a bridge.

Crossing that bridge feels great if you’re mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a good place.

But crossing can leave you feeling frustrated or blaming others if you’re not.

The “you” before the bridge is your inner self, still healing.

The bridge represents the link between the subconscious and the conscious side.

Your version on the other side of the bridge is the inner child, which exteriorizes the effects of your healed inner self.

So, your inner child reflects your inner self and the bridge between your subconscious and conscious sides.

Moreover, the inner child will “behave” following the level of healing of the inner self and its main components.

These are:

  • The shadow and the light sides;
  • The demonic and divine feminine and masculine sides;
  • The maternal and paternal sub-personalities;

Ideally, these parts should be individually analyzed and then aligned with one another.

Once that happens, the inner child will enable you to enjoy life with the authentic happiness of a child.

Your interaction and communication with others will take place from the heart. Any endeavor you partake in will contain the essence of your inner joy and spiritual balance.

Even when unpleasant events occur, you will approach them more calmly and attentively.

This becomes possible because the inner child is the divine psychological stage reflecting your inner healing, regardless of age.

How To Care For Your Inner Child With Reiki

The practice of Reiki enhances the universal life force energy flow, balancing your inner self and awakening your inner child.

There’s no strict, step-by-step way to work with your inner child in Reiki. It’s personal and different for everyone. But adding some self-guided meditation after Reiki can help.

The universal life force energy helps your inner child become complete and express itself well.

In turn, this will reflect in your daily life as you grow toward a more balanced and spiritual approach toward events and people alike.

In Conclusion

The inner child is one of the most important parts to pay attention to because it engulfs your inner self’s main elements and results from the countless lifetimes you had before this one.

There’s a possibility that once you start working with your inner child, you will discover that your life will benefit from change. These don’t have to be dramatic but should certainly follow your true desires instead of what society dictates as “normal.”

Perhaps not everyone will agree, but pursuing the “new you” consciously is well worth it.

Remember that if the changes are good for you and don’t harm others, people’s opinions reflect their suppressed inner child.

Stay true to yourself, and your life will change for the better!