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Everything You’re Getting With blissd Premium

#1 Holistic Reiki Training

The Holistic Reiki Training covers a specific topic each month. You get to learn something new or refresh and refine what you already know.

Yet, it’s not your regular video training.

Inspired by your feedback and our years in the trenches, we realized that staring at a screen for an hour or two isn’t always productive.

Therefore, we decided to create a premium learning experience so you can get the most out of each moment you invest with us.

Here’s what the Holistic Reiki Training looks like:


  • Recording – Each Holistic Reiki Training will be recorder and available for you to access for an entire month;
  • Comments – Get your questions answered and never feel stuck. Each video will have its dedicated comments section where you can drop your questions related to the topic discussed in the Holistic Video Training;
  • Notes – Every lesson includes easy-to-read notes. This means you get the main points right away, so you can spend more time practicing;
  • Dedication – To help you avoid procrastination and stay focused, each Holistic Reiki Training will be available for 30 days;

Reiki is a holistic healing practice, treating the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. The Holistic Reiki Training honors this principle by going beyond standard approaches to offer a profound, encompassing experience.

We merge traditional Reiki teachings with insights from related disciplines like meditation, chakra healing, and energy work.

Holistic Reiki Training is all about understanding the “why” for a seamless integration of the “how.”

#2 The Sunday Email

Let’s keep that Reiki energy vibrant and fuel your motivation! Every week, you’ll receive a special email to preserve momentum.

We call it The Sunday Email – consider it your weekly dose of inspiration.

Whether it offers an actionable tip, an uplifting story, or further insights from the month’s video training, this email is designed to foster a consistent practice. Think of it as a gentle push, emphasizing that steady progress is the key to unlocking profound transformations.

#3 Unlock The blissd Vault

Remember all those times you wished you had saved that one newsletter? With the blissd Vault, you won’t have to worry about that anymore!

If you appreciate our weekly newsletter and find value in what we share, you’ll love this feature even more.

Instead of getting lost in your inbox for hours, get instant access to all our past issues, neatly sorted for easy access and personalized learning.

Dive into topics you love at your own pace. Blend this with ReikiScoop’s articles, and it’s like having a Reiki library in your pocket!

#4 blissd by ReikiScoop

And… of course… you’ll still receive our weekly blissd by ReikiScoop newsletter.